Factree is a young data driven marketing services company. We create data modelling and content solutions for its clients based on rigorous and longitudinal data collection from same individuals over a period of time. We collect data on variable often not associated with a common linkages and co-relate phenomenon to see the bigger picture. We analyse data on everyday phenomenon like economic expenditure, socio-economic variables, demographics, culture, health, governance, etc. This data is analysed and helps the content team to build highly specific content for clients. 

We also specialized in combining data on variables collected longitudinally on the ground and superimposing those with indicative digital data points to create behavioral models on consumers. This allows us to target small population groups with effective and relevant content. We also capture feedback on the content and constantly improve it using machine learning.



Factree’s leadership team consists of experienced personnel from ivy league universities, world’s biggest creative and strategy organisations, and serial entrepreneurs.

We are currently building our team and are looking for exciting and committed leaders and managers. 

Our goal is to create an energetic and dynamic work culture where innovation thrives amid arguments.

We are based in Delhi and Bangalore.






Currently, data is often fragmented — scattered, duplicated, and trapped inside verticals. Aggregating, consolidating, cleaning, and centralizing this data is essential to extracting its true potential and deriving insights to fuel innovation, boost customer engagement, and gain a competitive advantage.

Factree intends to revolutionize the way organizations consolidate, aggregate, access, and apply their data, to maximize their outreach and deliver accurate message to targeted consumers at the right time, each time.


Ongoing data collection

Our region-wide survey is always ongoing to constantly and consistently collect, analyse, and share data on socio economic indicators, current events, topical issues, and policy changes from a representative sample of a population. Our ongoing methodology provides quick answers about realities on the ground and the corresponding behavioral changes that a population makes in an ongoing basis. We combine our ability to augment our primary data best in class social science and analytics to unlock insights about how consumers interacts with products and camapigns and what is an effective way to drive specific outcomes.

Consumer message testing

We intend to help organizations identify their most persuasive message and reach the right people with that message. We help our clients understand which messaging strategy will be most effective. Our data driven approach focuses on causation to determine a marketing message’s persuasive impact on highly targeted audiences. We test which message will work and advise on the right media planning approach to reach a target group. We test messaging through social media, message services, on-ground activation, interactive bots, mass media, in-person communication, depending on best suitability media plan.

Targeted marketing

We use data modeling techiques which aggregate data to measure the effects of marketing channels to determine how they contribute to a client’s goals. We also create optimizations that help clients plan for their plans, strategies, and campaigns based with resource optimization.We support clients deploy scientifically-designed predictive models to understand who to reach, how best to reach them, and what to communicate to persuade consumers or change behaviors. We make it easy for our clients to unlock insights needed to make informed decisions on the freshest information available, even on very small population groups. 


We are looking for data scientists and full stack developers, write to us at with your resume and cover letter.